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Zuhair Murad S/S 2020

Nefertiti, Nefertari, Isis or Berenice: for his Couture Spring-Summer 2020 collection, Zuhair Murad pays homage to Egyptian queens who left a mark on history by their beauty and power. Using a hallowed vocabulary, each piece is elevated into an exploration of timeless elegance tinted with magic.

Zuhair Murad S/S 2020

The collar is bedecked with scintillating breastplates, each delicately bejeweled, that illuminate the face and neckline. The sheath dresses, which run through the collection like a golden thread, are suspended by straps, delicately knotted at the shoulders and structured by a marked waist.  As a reverence to the Sun God, evenings gowns are adorned with capes, with incandescent gilding and crystals, for a sensuous yet architectural effect. The sun pleats come in vermilion or pitch black, bedecked by a majestic trail and cutouts at the chest and the back.

Yet this harmony has a distinctly modern touch: Net cocktail dresses with crossover necklines, paired with jackets with graphic shoulder pads, belted waists and enlivened by geometrical motifs that run along the body. It is a true game of opacity and transparency that is at play, that allows light to shine through in each design. A result embellished by Egyptian symbolism, that infuses a mystical touch to the collection: the beetle, the incarnation of the sun and fertility, the lotus flower which suggests renewal or the cat, as a mark of divine love. Brocard, silk tulle, silk muslin, lurex, Duchess satin suggest a proud, gleaming sense of elegance. The palette, turquoise, vermilion, opalin, cyan and eglantine pink give a new electrifying scope to these organic shades that evoke precious stones and natural hues, rethought with a sense of radical luxury.  A way of suggesting that nobility is first and foremost a way of envisaging the world — and the very notion of elegance — with equal parts of power and delicacy.

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