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Xerjoff Accento Overdose Eau de Parfum

Accent Overdose from Xerjoff, is a unisex scent that opens up intensely with fruity and green notes in combination with aldehyde which turns into jasmine, Bulgarian rose and lily of the valley and ends with fresh scents of pine and eucalyptus. It is a fragrance that enchants and brings joy.

Xerjoff Accento Overdose Eau de Parfum
Xerjoff Accento Overdose Eau de Parfum

Awakening a whole range of emotions with each of its luscious notes, Xerjoff's Accento Overdose fragrance dresses the skin in an enchanting mist fusing fruity and floral accents. Amplifying the olfactory experience through a specialist enhancement technique, this refined scent offers a romantic aura with a dash of mystery.

The magic of this perfume, charming for its aromatic intensity, is enclosed in a precious golden bottle of dazzling beauty.

Base notes: Egyptian jasmine, Bulgarian rose, Muguet

Middle notes: Mediterranean pine, Eucalyptus

Top notes: Fruity notes, Green

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