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Top 10 Best Dress Shirts For Men

You all know that the dress shirt is a staple to any fashion-forward men’s wardrobe. While it offers comfort and versatility, a great deal of men today often overlook its importance. In reality, the best shirts you will ever put on are going to come from a shirt maker or tailor. Ultimately, nothing is going to fit nor feel better than a second-skin made precisely for your own unique body shape.

Top 10 Best Dress Shirts For Men
Top 10 Best Dress Shirts For Men

Regardless if you’re looking for ready to wear, made to measure or bespoke, in this guide you will find numerous options fit for any man who wishes to dress with an upscale presentation. If things like exceptional construction, fine fabric, amazing collars, etc. are your thing, then I’m sure you’ll enjoy this list of brands who make the best men's dress shirts!

Benson & Clegg

Emma Willis

Roderick Charles

Harvie & Hudson

Turnbull & Asser

Charles Tyrwhitt

Hawes & Curtis


Sartoria Rossi


*Images taken exclusively for The London Man Blog

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