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The Ambre Nuit Dior Candle

Who doesn't love a gorgeous scented candle? Particularly when we are set to spend a lot of time inside our homes as the weather gets cooler. Illuminate your home by candle light with the Dior extensive collection of beautiful scented and unscented wax candles, offered alongside an array of home fragrances to get your house smelling sweet and serene.

The Ambre Nuit Dior Candle
The Ambre Nuit Dior Candle

Dior candles offer homely aromas and romantic lighting, burning bright for the perfect ambiance, whilst gorgeous holders and lanterns are available to turn your wicks and wax into a charming decorative display. Light the Ambre Nuit candle on a summer's evening and you'll feel as though you've been whisked away to the French countryside, enjoying a glass of vino.

Ambre Nuit adds more than just light and fragrance to your home. It ignites our souls with a flame of inspiration and isn't only perfect for the cold winter months. With it's play of light, shadow, scents and even just presence, Ambre Nuit creates a poetic atmosphere that everybody yearns for.

"The idea was to create a sensual Rose by combining it with Ambergris, two of the most emblematic ingredients used by perfumers. This accord was particularly important to me; I worked on it for many years before successfully creating Ambre Nuit." -François Demachy, Parfumeur-Créateur Dior.

Photo: The London Man Blog at Harrods

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