The 8 Best Summer Shoes For Men

Men usually pick up any shoes that appear charming to them but summer shoes are made specifically to give the wearer the ultimate in comfort and breathability in the summer season’s high temperatures.

The 8 Best Summer Shoes For Men
The 8 Best Summer Shoes For Men

As there is a slew of options when it comes to summer shoes for men so, to help you out, we’ve rounded up a definitive list of the best summer shoes for men.


They’re a summer staple for a very good reason. Sandals are perfect for pretty much any occasion, from a stroll along the beach to putting up a tent in a force nine gale. Dark, leather versions can also be paired with tapered jeans, linen trousers or a lightweight suit for work, or a smarter lunch on the terrazza.


No longer just for poolside (or teenagers), sliders have smartened up and sit alongside the sandal as go-to summer footwear. And just like the sandal they can be worn for almost any occasion – leather works with linen and a smarter look again, while you should probably keep the more traditional rubber options for the pool bar.

Dessert Boots

Tasked by his family shoe company to keep his eyes out for new designs while serving in Burma and India in WWII, a young Nathan Clark discovered a crepe-soled, suede boot made-to-order at the bazaar in Cairo for 8th Army officers during the North Africa campaign. The Clarks desert boot is still the benchmark, but there are a wide array of colours and silhouettes now available. Worn with a pair of smart shorts (as they did back in the Forties) or dark jeans, they should still be part of every man’s summer uniform.

Canvas Trainers

A stalwart of any wardrobe, the cavnas trainer is casual, lightweight, breathable and goes with pretty much anything. And without being too contentious we can safely say that these can be worn sans socks (although in high summer you might want to invest in an insole to keep them fresh). If you want to make things a touch smarter go for a suede or leather low top.

White Trainers

Smarter than the canvas trainer, a white sneaker is just as flexible when it comes to coordinating with pretty much anything, from board shorts to blazers (a total white colourway works best with the smartest options). Summer – being generally free from murky puddles – is definitely the white trainer’s friend, although you might want to avoid festivals, and give your weather app a quick check before leaving the house.


If you’ve got a family wedding to attend or a socially distanced party that requires something a little smarter, opt for loafers. Both timeless and on-trend, the humble loafer is an investment that promises to last. Milder weather is the perfect time to break out a suede pair so do so in any tone that goes with most of what you’ve got in your wardrobe.

Boat Shoes

The loafer’s more casual cousin, the boat shoe is more at home on deck than strolling on the promenade. If you were to go full sail with the look you would pair them with a pair of chino shorts, a rugby shirt and a shoulder-robed sweater, but if you’re not ready to look quite that preppie then a plain white T-shirt and chore jacket will look just as good.


The naysayers will sneer at espadrilles but a list such as this would be incomplete without them. While they might be trickier to pull off in the office, espadrilles are the perfect option for a late getaway or a chilled weekend. Whatever colour you pick, they’re casual, so style them as such.

*Cover Photo: Mikhail Nilov Pexels