Shiseido Announced New Products for Men

Last month Shiseido released new products for men. The Japanese skincare giant is focusing on three areas of specific skin concerns for men; inferior defensive power, lower antioxidant capacity and lesser ability to recover from damage.

Shiseido Announced New Products for Men
Shiseido Announced New Products for Men

This exciting series will now include makeup products to be newly added to skincare products such as “SHISEIDO MEN UltimuneTM Power Infusing Concentrate”.

Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate

By focusing on these 3 weaknesses, this multi-defensive serum minimises the look of fatigue and signs of ageing with Triple TSUBAKI Technology. TSUBAKI is a Japanese camellia, also called Tsubaki in Japanese, and is closely related to traditional Japanese culture while being deeply rooted in the lifestyle of the Japanese.

- Maximises inner defenses

- Boosts anti-oxidation power

- Provides high damage resistance

Energizing Moisturizer Extra Light Fluid

Reduce the look of fine lines, dullness and dryness. Help promote skin's revitalising power and maintain its optimal moisture balance. Invigorate skin through the power of hydration.

Give your skin 32-hour hydration** for effective moisture and comfort. The lightweight texture absorbs immediately and can also be used as an eye cream.

Contains Botanical Japanese TSUBAKI Extract* which acts as an anti-oxidant.

Targeted Pencil Concealer

Instant targeted correction. For a fresher, healthier, more even complexion. The lightweight, non-sticky texture stays smooth from application onwards. The natural finish is almost imperceptible, but it noticeably enhances your look.

• Non-sticky

• Lasting natural finish

• Smudgeproof

Lasts 8 hours*. Easy to remove with SHISEIDO MEN Face Cleanser.