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Rose De Mai Scented Candle

One of perfumery’s most iconic blooms, the majesty of the Rose is brought to life in a home fragrance dedicated to the legendary beauty of the May Rose. Native to Grasse in the South of France, it flowers only during the month of May and must be picked before the noon-tide sun hits its petals.

Rose De Mai Scented Candle
Rose De Mai Scented Candle

An entire year’s production is less than one day’s production of the Bulgarian Rose, making it such a precious ingredient that it is rarely used in a scent, let alone an candle-making. The bright freshness of the Rose is enhanced with Citrus notes and Geranium, as its slightly peppery nuance is furthered by a soft note of Cinnamon, whilst Wood Notes plunge the Rose into the earth from which it grows.

“In Grasse, May is the month of the Rose. Gracing us with its cool, sweet, voluptuous presence for a mere month - Rose De Mai the most coveted flower in the world. Imagine entire fields covered in freshly bloomed Roses, the streets beaming with scent from the annual harvest - a month-long celebration of this flowers' rarefied luxury - before it leaves us for another year. Although only sharing its magic with us for a fleeting moment - Rose De Mai is a timeless beauty - captured forever within this candle.” - ROJA DOVE.

Top Notes: Citrus Notes, Bergamot

Heart Notes: Geranium, Rose de Mai

Base Notes: Cinnamon, Wood Notes

*Photo: The London Man Blog at Harrods

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