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Redolescent Eau de Parfums

On the blog today, we present the three perfumes from Redolescent and Kyle Fearn, in order to explore his work and uncover the secrets of his creative process. One of the most important things which makes Kyle's perfumes stand apart, is that he managed to turn his experiences and memories to cross-sensory and experiential perfumes. His fragrances are blended by hand in the UK for a truly artisanal luxury perfume experience!

Redolescent Eau de Parfums
Redolescent Eau de Parfums

Hive Mind

Fresh honey drips from combs at the height of a balmy English summer, as worker bees fill the air with their rhythmic hum. Refined and sophisticated, this fragrance oozes luxury and a classy, gilded warmth.

The idle trickling of moments is inconsequential, your eyes drifting across the cloudless sky above as you sink back into unmown barley. Hive Mind settles you into the earth and connects you to the workings of the natural world.

On the skin, waxy notes, cedar wood, jasmine, and lemon temper the heady sweetness, giving depth and grounding the scent. A perfume for the most special of occasions, and days when you want to bask in a golden glow.

Notes: Lemon & Ginger Oils, Neroli, Jasmine, Honey, Beeswax, Cedarwood.


Merge was crafted as a smooth woody amber with the slightest squeeze of citrus. It is rich and velvety with rounded edges. I he vanilla facet smooths any harshness from the woods and citrus to give depth and creaminess which lasts well throughout the day.

Textured musks and a few choice materials were chosen to give the illusion of sand. Wherever you wear it, Merge is a serene evening on the beach, toes sinking into sc settles into the horizon.

On the skin, Merge is appealing, shifting subtly through temperature phases: warm at first, cooling gradually into a perfect scent for sophisticated evenings.

Notes: Mandarin, Orange, Labdanum, Vanilla, Ambergris, Textured Musks.


Hide is bold and demanding, the most challenging perfume in the autobiographical collection to date. It rewards patience and bravery with a scent experience which defies easy explanation. It projects broadly and lasts well, so just one spray on a hot day will make a big impact.

Sudden as a storm at the end of a long summer, Hide arrives with a blast of cold, cliffside air, bracing for the mind and body. The initial uplifting rush settles and a dark berry note wends its way through the storm-laden air, wonderfully tart and sour. Damascenes ever-so-slightly soften the sharp edges, but this is a scent which makes no apology for its presence.

Given time, but in no hurry, Hide wanes to the gentler notes of a clifftop October, playing out into desiccated, aged driftwood, or salt and sage, depending on the unique chemistry of your skin.

For times when you yearn to feel grounded, turn your attention to the lingering notes of Hide as they ebb and flow, tidal, throughout the day.

You’re on a cliffside in harsh weather. Fortunately, a bird hide in the distance offers shelter from your storm.

Notes: Camphor, Tart Berries, Salt, Sea Air, Dried Woods, Ambergris.

*Cover Photo: The London Man Blog at the Scenthusiasm pop up in Hammersmith, London.

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