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Piccadilly Arcade

Away from the crowds of Regent and Oxford Street, Piccadilly offers a upmarket more personal shopping experience. Amongst the high quality shops like Fortnum and Mason is a number of 19th century shopping arcades which were the origins of the Grand shopping gallery and the modern shopping arcades.

Piccadilly Arcade
Piccadilly Arcade

The Piccadilly Arcade in opened in 1910 and quickly gained a reputation for high quality retail outlets. The arcade catered for the high number of rich and well to do patrons that lived in the nearby Mayfair and St James and to some extent they still do, however regardless of your spending power it is worth visiting it for a slightly different shopping experience.

Hidden streets and passageways are what makes London so special. As you navigate the West End, turn in to Piccadilly Arcade to embrace the sumptuous, surprising and scenic. Then walk Jermyn Street and linger in St. James' Square to experience a London kept timeless for every generation to enjoy.

To step inside Piccadilly Arcade is to simultaneously step into the past, present and future where everyone can pause for a moment and view this jewel of London architecture from every angle.

It was opened in 1910, having been designed by Thrale Jell and present tenants include a wide range of clothing, footwear and accessory shops!

*Image taken exclusively for The London Man Blog

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