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Pairing Brogues With a Formal Look

The brogue is a style of low-heeled shoe or boot traditionally characterised by multiple-piece, sturdy leather uppers with decorative perforations and serration along the pieces' visible edges. Brogues are most commonly found in one of four toe cap styles and four closure.

Pairing Brogues With a Formal Look
Pairing Brogues With a Formal Look

Brogues were traditionally considered to be outdoor or country footwear not otherwise appropriate for casual or business occasions, but brogues are now considered appropriate in most contexts.

Today, in addition to their typical form of sturdy leather shoes or boots, brogues may also take the form of business dress shoes, sneakers, high-heeled women's shoes, or any other shoe form that utilises or evokes the multi-piece construction and perforated, serrated piece edges characteristic of brogues.

1. Wear neutral brogues with a suit for a professional, traditional look. Pick a pair of brogues that match your suit. You can wear brown brogues with a beige or brown suit, or go with a pair of black brogues and a black suit. Or, try wearing black shoes with a gray suit for another option. Wear your brogues to work, meetings, or dinner parties. Wear dark, neutral socks to cover your ankles when wearing pants.

2. Match your brogues to a colorful suit for a fun, modern combination. When wearing colorful suits, like red, blue, or purple, go with a pair of black brogues. Or, if you want to add color to a neutral suit, go for brogues in a navy, oxblood, or dark green tone. For extra interest, wear either a patterned shirt or interesting tie. You can cover your ankles with colorful socks for a quirky touch.

3. Wear spectator 2-tone brogues with a black pinstripe suit for a bold look. Full brogues with 2 contrasting colors are called “spectator shoes.” While spectator shoes can be tough to pull off, you can try pairing them with a pinstripe suit if you are someone with a bold style. Choose black and white spectator shoes, and go for suits with a thin white pinstripe on a mainly black suit. You can also wear a black belt and colored dress shirt or tie.

4. Avoid wearing brogues for Black Tie events. While brogues can look professional and put together, they are too informal to wear as Black Tie footwear. Black Tie footwear is simple, compared to the detailing of brogues.

Cover Photo: Milan/Pexels

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