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Meet the David Gandy Wellwear Collection

A few months ago the British supermodel David Gandy designed and launched his own label, David Gandy Wellwear, an eponymous fashion and lifestyle brand that fuses fashion, function and feeling as it brings together apparel and wellbeing. The brand is inspired by David's 20 years of industry experience, with a specific focus on ‘essentials that put the emotional wellbeing of its customer at its very heart’.

Meet the David Gandy Wellwear Collection
Meet the David Gandy Wellwear Collection

We present you today eight of the most catchy pieces from the David Gandy Wellwear collection in an effort to make your life happier and with less stress!

Ultimate Dressing Gown

When we hug someone oxytocin (dubbed the love-hormone) kicks in and makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside. Oxytocin promotes feelings of relaxation and trust and can improve your physiological stability. You've read that soft clothing does the same, so David couldn’t resist making this classic style as soft as possible. Here’s a hug from him to keep you warm, and fuzzy.

Wellwear Care treatment is produced from Aloe Vera plant extract and applied to the fabric. It cares for your skin as you wear it with moisturising, anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties. 100% BCI cotton

Premium Pyjama Pant

A good night’s sleep is an essential part of health and wellbeing. The Premium Pyjama Pant is the ultimate in warmth and comfort, and with Wellwear Care technology it works overtime, so you'll feel pretty good rolling out of bed too. 46% BCI cotton 46% modal 8% elastane

Luxury Lounge Set

You know there’s nothing quite like slipping into your cosiest loungewear to help you switch off and relax at home. The Luxury Lounge Tee and Pant are a set so stylish that you’ll want to wear it out. Stick to the two-mile rule though, this one is for downtime. 65% Lyocell 32% BCI cotton 3% elastane

Sweat Bomber

Designed on the hard science behind the benefits of wearing soft, comfortable clothes, David Gandy has reimagined the classic bomber jacket in a soft sweat with Wellwear Breathe technology. Wellwear like to layer this over their Ultimate Hoodie for the comfiest of all-day dressing. You can’t have too much of a good thing. 100% BCI cotton

Ultimate Fleeceback Hoody

Getting outside during cooler months is essential for physical and mental health. It lifts your mood, reduces stress, gives you a dose of vitamin D and charges up your immune system. The Ultimate Hoodie in fleece back fabric has brushed pile on the reverse that traps air, making the fabric warmer to wear than the loopback alternative. Get those steps in in style. 100% BCI cotton

Ultimate Crew Set

David designed the only t-shirts you’ll ever need. Combining style, fit, softness and Wellwear Breathe technology, the Ultimate Crew will make you look good and feel even better. This set means you’ll always have one on hand whatever your day looks like. 46% pima cotton 46% modal 8% elastane

Heritage Jogger

The Heritage Jogger is up there. The perfect combination of fashion, function and feeling, the stylish design has utility detailing and Wellwear Breathe technologies so you can wear it all day long. Think of it as loungewear in disguise. 100% BCI cotton

Ultimate Jogger Short

David wanted to create the definitive jogger that makes you feel as comfortable in your clothing as you do in your own skin. He has read that simply touching smooth fabrics can create a sense of psychological wellbeing so he has made the Ultimate Jogger Short as soft as possible with added Wellwear Breathe technology to enhance your day physically and emotionally. 100% BCI cotton

The Brand

Wellwear is a world-first concept bringing apparel and well-being together in a lifestyle brand that fuses fashion, function and feeling based on the scientific benefits of wearing soft, comfortable clothing.

The essence of Wellwear lies in a belief in what’s been dubbed ‘emotionally durable’ fashion. Every piece of the collection is designed to be both physically and emotionally lasting, making the wearer feel good every time they slip into a t-shirt, sweatshirt, or pair of beautifully finished joggers.


To empower people to live happier, stress-reduced lives, with a greater sense of well-being and style.


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