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Mary Katrantzou X The Rug Company

Mary Katrantzou and The Rug Company join forces in a special capsule collection entitled "Nostalgia".

Featuring seven uniquely vibrant rugs, Mary's first foray into the world of interiors is a celebration of her brand's iconic prints, each rug design inspired by past collections.

Mary Katrantzou X The Rug Company

“We are an image-led brand and print is so transferable across different disciplines. Being able to create context beyond my runway collections and build a lifestyle brand has always been my intention. Filtered beauty through design can impact how we feel whether it’s through what we choose to wear or what we choose to surround ourselves with.

I chose to collaborate with The Rug Company as there was an authentic synergy between the two brands - a genuine appreciation for craftsmanship and a passion for bold patterns and unique beauty, values which we share at Mary Katrantzou.”

"We've done countless prints in my 11 years in fashion. But I think it's really different when you think about what will look beautiful in a home as opposed to on a female body. A lot of our fabrics are engineered to be flattering. Nostalgia is always part of my narrative, and something that's really fitting in people's homes." - Mary Katrantzou

Three new enlarged blooming additions; Bluebell Daydream, Garden of Eden and Botanical Paradise take cues from Katrantzou’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection ‘Nostalgia’ and more specifically from her childhood ‘paint-by-numbers’ books. Sunray Nude and Sunray Pink draw inspiration from the art of enamel while radiating dazzling light from the dramatic sun silk motif. Framis is vivid in colour and creates movement with its organic shapes.

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