Luxury Candles by Saint Fragrance London

Have you ever thought what an ideal calming night in your home would entail? Does it involve a delicious dinner? Or a warm bath with bubbles and wine? Whatever your ideal self-care night-in might include, I am sure that you’re going to a light a candle to set the mood for an evening of relaxation and chill!

Luxury Candles by Saint Fragrance London
Luxury Candles by Saint Fragrance London

There might be a reason why you want to burn a particular candle. For example, when you’re feeling a little blue and want to remember a good time, or, when you’re feeling a little down and want to instantly lift your mood and clear your mind, or, you light a candle to help you with anxiety, depression and improve quality of life and sleep.

Ιt’s not of course just the endless benefits that make a scented candle a must-have for us. Whether you’re enjoying a night in alone or entertaining family and friends, you must know that scented candles add more than a touch of luxury and elegance to the atmosphere, making everyone happy and feeling good.

Have you decided on your next fragrance candle but you don't know what you need? Don't worry! Saintfragrance has got you covered! Founded by fragrance industry insiders Sam & Emma Pringle in 2020, Saint Fragrance is a London-born lifestyle brand offering a collection of creatively perfumed products - each designed to seamlessly complement your world & enhance wellbeing.

Sam and Emma recognised our fast-paced lives were making us feel fatigued & how some of the raw ingredients & fragrances they worked with had the ability to rapidly boost their mood. Experimenting with these began as a project of curiosity but grew organically into their first luxury home fragrance collection.

Their emotive & escapist candles, housed in signature minimalist grey, silently layer your space with a sensual olfactive story. Uniquely created using high quality & responsibly sourced ingredients for a mindful balance to your busy day.

I present you today two of the best Saintfragrance's candles that Sam and Emma kindly sent to me!

Balearic Isle

Radiant and balmy, this laid-back yet exotic composition finely balances opulent Indian white tuberose with calming orris and rich coconut to embody the beauty of a Bohemian sundown. Infused with warm cardamom, amber and creamy Sri Lankan sandalwood. (Perfumer: Julie Pluchet). Escape with Balearic Isle. Key Notes & Benefits: Coconut - transports you, evocative Indian Tuberose - helps you stay grounded in stressful situations Blood Orange - one of the best citrus oils to improve mental wellbeing Top: Coconut, Blood Orange Heart: Orris, Tuberose, Cardamom Base: Vanilla, Sandalwood, Balsam, Ambe

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Sunday Papers

Wake up slow surrounded by a comforting veil of milky Madagascan vanilla dashed with warm sandalwood. Captivating amber & powdery musk emanate beneath subtle spices, charming Italian citruses, Moroccan iris & orange blossom to stimulate your week ahead. (Perfumer: Celia Cirimbilli). Find comfort with Sunday Papers. Key Notes & Benefits: Madagascan Vanilla - mood enhancing & soothing Orange Blossom - uplifting & promotes positivity Sri Lankan Sandalwood - deeply restful & indulgent Top: Bergamot, Mandarin Heart: Iris, Orange Blossom, Ylang-Ylang, Black Pepper Base: Sandalwood, Vanilla, Mu

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