Louis Vuitton Spring-Summer 2020

For his Louis Vuitton Spring-Summer 2020 Collection, Men's Artistic Director Virgil Abloh lionises the instinctive, the habitual, and the natural.

Flowers, a staple element in fashion, are observed as a naturally occurring metaphor for diversity. In bloom, they are as beautiful on a micro level as they are on a macro level. Too often relegated to trivial motifs, flowers are wonders of nature: multi-faceted, free in expression, movement, and metamorphosis.

In the cityscape, flowers blend into a horizon of unsung heroes: the magnificent buildings, bridges, and pavements to which we grow accustomed and partially blind. Seen in a new light, or wrapped in different packaging, they merge in newfound splendour.

Beyond this omnipresent horticultural influence, Virgil Abloh furthers his exploration of the idea of boyhood as it intersects with fashion. Through the stages of boyhood, a young man's encounter with clothes and fashion is yet to be influenced by societal programming.

The exploration of dress codes is still liberated of those codes; of social norms, gender conventions, and cultural conduct. As we get older, we intuitively adapt to the familiarity of our surroundings. In a digital age oversaturated with views and visual data, stopping to smell the roses de-programs the mind and makes new space for freedom of thought.

View the collection: https://uk.louisvuitton.com


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