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Lime & Bay Signature Candle

These days, scented candles are the ultimate home accessory. We've popped them on our coffee tables, dining tables, bedside tables and desks. A great candle has a positive impact on more than one of our senses, boasting the potential to shift our moods entirely depending on the scent we choose.

Lime & Bay Signature Candle
Lime & Bay Signature Candle

We present you today the Lime & Bay Signature Candle from The White Company. A perfect Mediterranean garden all captured in a scent. With zesty lime and pink grapefruit, pretty orange blossom and vibrant bay leaf, this wonderful combination never fails to lift the spirits.

Scent Notes: Lime, Blossom & Orange Scent Description: Fresh & Vibrant Scent Family: Citrus

Like all the company's signature candles, this one is filled in the UK using high quality mineral wax to achieve a long, clean and even burn. It comes in a beautiful white gift box, making it a special treat or gift.

Photo: The London Man Blog at Harrods

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