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L'Amour Absolu by Welton London

A perfume can be chosen according to many different criteria: according to the seasons, age or style for example. It is also possible to choose a fragrance according to your personality. The fragrance you wear tells a story. It tells your story. Scent is an invisible communicator of who you are.

L'Amour Absolu by Welton London
L'Amour Absolu by Welton London

Last week, I tried the new perfume by Welton London, L'Amour Absolu and I discovered that it surely reflects my personality, and along with a black suit and a pair of black shoes are all related to who I am on the inside and how I want to express that on the outside through my image and style.

L'Amour Absolu is an intensely graceful Oriental blend that gives pride of place to sweet notes. An elegant entanglement of spicy cinnamon, irresistible coffee and luscious plum, unveils sensual notes of Kashmir Fusion - blending musk and amber tones - enhanced by notes of Oak Fusion - spirited vanilla notes crafted with rich oak wood – and a dash of rum.

This cocktail settles on velvety sandalwood, sensual musk mingling with tonka bean, amber and a hint of vanilla releasing a captivating trail.

Top : Cinnamon – Plum – Coffee

Heart : Kashmir Fusion – Oak Fusion – Rum

Base : Sandalwood – Musk – Tonka Bean – Amber – Vanilla

The beautiful black lacquered bottle with a metallic golden plate engraved with the fragrance name. The magnetic cap is made of Bakelite with Welton London embossed on top.

The Luxury collection comes in a very beautiful rigid gift box with magnetic opening.

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