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Kenzo Fall-Winter 2022

The Kenzo Fall-Winter 2022 Women’s and Men’s Show marks the debut of Artistic Director Nigo, the first Japanese designer to front the house since its founder Kenzo Takada. With his first collection, Nigo introduces his vision for Kenzo : a meeting between the Maison’s heritage and his own contemporary codes.

Kenzo Fall-Winter 2022
Kenzo Fall-Winter 2022

In 1970, the year Nigo was born, Takada presented his inaugural fashion show in the Galerie Vivienne on the backdrop of his new shop, Jungle Jap. Five decades later, Nigo makes his own debut for KENZO in the same arcade, envisioning it as a tunnel toward the future and beyond the borders of fashion.

Nigo and Kenzo Takada share an inherent cultural language – an understanding of the synthesis between Japanese and Western wardrobe traditions – but it’s their attitude to fashion that connects them above all: a belief that what you see on a runway should manifest in real life.

In his first collection for the Maison, Nigo fuses the influences of his own upbringing and career with the heritage of Kenzo Takada, writing a language for the Maison that looks to the future by learning from the past. Melding the grammar of the archives with that of his own sensibility, the Artistic Director creates a premise that unites and transcends cultural and conventional dress codes.

Traditional ideas of formal-, sports- and ‘streetwear’ splice into one logic: real-to-wear, exercised across women’s and men’s wardrobes, which mix tailoring and workwear, both cutting a genderless silhouette.

View the collection:

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