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How to Wear White Shoes with Jeans

Jeans and white shoes are a classic combination that almost anyone can pull off. Whether you have white sneakers, boots, or high tops, you can pair them with any pair of jeans to make them look good. Try keeping your outfits low-key and casual or adding elegance and glam to dress them up and look great in your white shoes and jeans.

How to Wear White Shoes with Jeans

Pair light wash jeans and white sneakers for a classic outfit. Light wash jeans are a staple in many people’s wardrobes. Add some low rise white sneakers to your light wash jeans for a look that never gets old. Pair your jeans and sneakers with a dark sweatshirt or crew neck to stay comfortable. Add a fitted T-shirt up top to make your outfit look clean and crisp.

Put on black jeans and white sneakers for a contrasting look. Black denim pairs great with white sneakers since the colors pop against each other. Throw on a crisp pair of black jeans and some white low top sneakers for a contrasting outfit. Put on a light blue fitted T-shirt with your black jeans and sneakers for a simple outfit.

Stay comfortable in white flats and skinny jeans. Whether you are wearing light or dark wash skinny jeans, they always pair well with ballet flats. Put on your skinny jeans and white flats with a flowy blouse for a cute and casual outfit you can wear out to lunch. Throw on a silk scarf to keep your neck warm in this cute outfit.

Choose dark wash jeans and white shoes for a professional, everyday look. White leather shoes or sneakers add a pop of color against a dark pair of jeans. Choose skinny or straight-legged dark wash jeans with thin white heels or boots for an elegant outfit, or choose white sneakers for a more semi-formal look. Pair dark wash skinny jeans with a button-down and white sneakers for a professional outfit.

Go for a monochromatic outfit with white jeans and white shoes. Stick with an all-white theme by pairing white denim jeans, white heels or boots, and a white shirt. This outfit is sure to turn heads and elevate your style. Wear a fitted white T-shirt with your white jeans and white boots for a simple outfit.

Elevate your outfit with a structured blazer. Put on a pair of dark wash jeans, white sneakers, and a black or gray blazer to make your look slightly more professional. Wear a button-down under the blazer to copy a work outfit, or keep it more casual with a fitted T-shirt.

Throw an overcoat over black jeans and white boots for a simple look. Long overcoats make any outfit look more sophisticated. Put on a pair of black jeans, white pointed boots, and a turtleneck with your overcoat for a chic look. Choose a camel-colored overcoat for a neutral outfit, or go bold with a plaid overcoat.

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