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How To Wear The Right Tie for Any Occasion

Most folks aren’t fashion experts, and many don’t have the funds to keep a closet stuffed with ties. Money being tight right now doesn’t help your tie selection. In these situations, an easy way to keep your wardrobe snappy for all occasions is by buying versatile ties.

How To Wear The Right Tie for Any Occasion
How To Wear The Right Tie for Any Occasion

Ties may not seem necessary for some, but they still make a good focal point on your clothes and outfits. The right tie is a versatile accessory you should not miss out on.

Most ties are made from silk or less expensive synthetic imitations like polyester. One of these classic options will look good, but a fun way to spice up your wardrobe is with ties made of materials you might not have considered or constructed in surprising ways.

A classic way to keep your tie selection fashionable is to stay seasonal with your ties. They’re appropriate year-round, but knitted ties come in classic sweater patterns too for all your winter formal wear needs. Sweater ties are a great option for certain events like dressy ski lodge dinners, too.

Wear a tie to most formal and semi-formal occasions. Unless an occasion is strictly casual or specifically requires other clothing, it’s hard to be out of place wearing a tie. Go for one in many professional, formal, and personal occasions, including:

  • Weddings

  • Fine dining

  • Job interviews

  • First dates

  • Meeting new people you want to impress (such as future in-laws)

  • Business occasions

  • Networking events

Choose a tie width to coordinate with your body type and the occasion. If you have a broad and/or taller body type, pick a wider tie. Alternatively, if you are thin or not tall, go with a thinner tie. Beyond that, skinny ties are best for casual occasions, while wider ties will seem more formal.

Select a fabric finish to match the occasion. Choose a fabric that has a shiny finish for formal or evening occasions. If you’re wearing a tie for business or professional reasons, go with silk. A wide variety of matte finish ties are also available, and they’re great for informal occasions.

Rock a bow tie, when appropriate. Generally, you can wear bow ties (including clip-on or pre-tied ones) at occasions when a regular tie is also expected. Bow ties have been around for a long time, and are still a way to make a classy statement, if chosen carefully.[14]

  • Bow ties are perfectly acceptable at weddings and other formal events.

  • Most of the time, bow ties can be worn at semi-formal occasions, such as working in an office, going to brunch, or attending religious services.

  • You may not want to wear bow ties to solemn occasions such as funerals, since they may be seen as too outlandish.

  • If wear a bow tie, go for either a bold tie with a plain shirt, or vice versa.

  • Black bow ties may be required at very formal occasions, however.

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