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How To Wear Sneakers / Men's Guide

Sneakers can work well outside the confines of your local gym. Adding a pair of stylish sneakers to a suit, or cropped jeans can up the ante on your style while also providing comfort and versatility. Running shoes and cross training shoes can also add an element of style to your existing wardrobe.

How To Wear Sneakers / Men's Guide
How To Wear Sneakers / Men's Guide

Running shoes aren't just for marathons. They can be a pleasant addition to a variety of outfits for every gender and age. The key is making sure they add to, not detract from, your fashion ensemble. Go for colors and shapes that complement, rather than clash, with your clothing. From tailored suits to short skirts, reconsider your outfit options next time you lace up.

Sure, cross training shoes are great for a variety of athletic activities. But have you considered pairing them with your favorite pair of skinny jeans or wearing them to work on a casual Friday? These athletic shoes can cross the line between fitness and fashion, adding an element of comfort and cool to your everyday style.

Wearing tennis shoes while not on the court is a great way to up the ante on your daily style. Tennis shoes can be paired with a variety of outfits, ranging from dresses and skirts to suits and skinny jeans. Gender neutral, comfortable, and stylish, tennis shoes should be at the top of your footwear list.

Don’t wear your old, dirty, or smelly gym shoes with a skirt or suit. Set aside your gym shoes for workouts and procure some new kicks for your more stylish endeavors. These can include running, tennis, or cross training shoes, but just make sure they aren't the ones you ran a marathon in last weekend.

You'll stretch the ways you can wear your sneakers outside the gym if you stick to classic looks and patterns or solid colors. Canvas slides in a classic leopard print or sneakers in a solid color with a retro vibe will go a lot further than kicks with crazy colors or patterns.

Pair a boat shoe and sneaker hybrid with dark denim. This hybrid sneaker spans the seasons, taking you from spring, through the summer, and into fall. Wear this shoe with dark denim jeans or, in the summer, try it with some stylish shorts.

Try white sneakers with khakis. Whether it's casual Friday at your office, or you're spending a Saturday museum-hopping with your spouse, white sneakers can add comfort and style to khaki shorts or pants. Opt for a shoe that has a low, below-the-ankle profile. Skip the socks, or wear ones that don't peek above your shoe line.

Wear gray canvas slip-ons with white denim. Slip-on sneakers are easy and stylish. They can add a casual, yet put together look to most outfits. You can also pair white canvas slip-ons with navy blue shorts, or black canvas slip-ons with dark skinny jeans. If you pair them with shorts or cropped jeans, make sure your socks aren't visible.

Try sneakers and a suit. You can pair a variety of sneakers with your tailored clothing. Canvas trainers, leather lace-ups, and top-siders are all great choices to wear with a suit. Combining these elements will result in a look that is on point, streamlined, and comfortable all at once.

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