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How to Wear a White Blazer Casually

White blazers have been a hot fashion trend for the last few years, becoming more prevalent than black blazers. They are easy to dress up or down, depending on your situation, and they are able to be worn year-round.

How to Wear a White Blazer Casually
How to Wear a White Blazer Casually

When choosing a blazer, the fit of the shoulders should be the first thing you check. If the fit is off in the shoulders, then the blazer likely will not be a good fit for you at all. If you have broad shoulders, seek a style of blazer that has thinner or no shoulder pads.

Blazers come in many different styles, ranging from professional to casual. If you work in an office with dress code requirements, you will need to choose a white blazer that meets those standards, such as one with full-length and buttons.

Pairing a white blazer with jeans is a great way to dress up jeans without looking too professional. So, look for an unlined style in linen or cotton with patch pockets. This keeps it in line with the more casual feel of jeans and also stops you from looking overly polished. In this instance, you’re aiming for a slightly rumpled elegance that only casual jackets will convey.

With your jeans, avoid any tears or excess detailing, instead opting for a classic pair with a leather belt, perhaps rolling up the hem once or twice and showing off your ankles. Whether you match this with a pair of suede loafers or even a high-end sneaker, it’s a classic look that you’ll be able to go to time and time again.

Accessorising a white blazer should be approached with a less is more mentality. Given how bold a statement this jacket is in the first place, exercise restraint with simple pocket squares in classic hues like blue and white. Also look to experiment with softer kerchief fabrics like linen or even cotton.

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