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How to Wear a Grey Coat

An overcoat is an integral part of a classic gentleman’s wardrobe, but it requires a little bit of thought about your outfit and the event you’re going to go to, as well as the temperature outside, to come up with an outfit that’s both functional and stylish.

How to Wear a Grey Coat
How to Wear a Grey Coat

Since grey can go with so many colours, shades, and tones, it can be hard to pick what you’re going to wear every day. We’ve compiled a list of some fashionable pieces you can pair with your grey coat to look cool and casual:

1. Put on a pair of grey trousers for an easy outfit that you can dress up or down. You could also use this look with a grey overcoat or trench coat. Go with a grey shirt or jumper if you’d like to be a little fancier. Pair your look with white or black shoes / sneakers and minimal jewellery. (cover photo)

2. Wear a bright tie, a fun shirt, a pocket square, or a scarf to turn heads in your grey coat. Bright blues, oranges, and dark reds always pair well with grey coats.

3. Pick out a light blue shirt to go underneath your grey jacket for a pop of colour that won’t wash you out. If you have light skin, wearing white underneath a grey jacket has the potential to make you look a little pale.

4. Put on your favourite pair of jeans, then throw on a solid coloured tee underneath your grey coat. Grey looks awesome on top of light wash jeans and a white T-shirt.

5. Put on a cozy hoodie and jeans, then throw your grey coat on top. For a more streetwear look, try this outfit with a long trench coat. For a classic look, go for a grey coat that hits at your waist.

6. Wear silver jewellery. Silver pairs well with almost every colour, so it should mesh well with any outfit you choose.

Cover Photo: TLMB

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