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How to Wear a Camel Coat

The camel coat is one of the most popular outer garment in menswear. It has become very popular lately because it gives off a luxe and a sophisticated business friendly vibe. It’s the perfect piece of outerwear for layering during the winter.

How to Wear a Camel Coat
How to Wear a Camel Coat

The golden rules when buying a camel coat are:

1) Camel coats are one of the most popular styles, because they can make any outfit look immediately classier. Fortunately, you can find ones in a range of materials from light cotton to heavy wool, depending on what you need for the fall weather where you live.

2) Pair a camel coat with jeans for a casual look.

3) Camel coats and peacoats look great on regular skinny jeans and some low-cut sneakers. Many people choose white sneakers to accentuate the casual look of a camel coat, but any low-cut sneakers will do. Complete the outfit with a light sweater.

4) Untucked button-down shirts, especially vertical striped ones, are an effortless way to look nice but also casual.

5) Pair your long unbuttoned camel coat with a black t-shirt, black skinny jeans, and a pair of black boots for a sophisticated rock star effect.

6) You can easily make your normal work outfit more stylish by wearing your camel coat over it. Any tie and blazer go well underneath camel. Just make sure your pants match either your shirt or blazer.

*Image: The London Man Blog

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