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How to Wear a Blue Suit

Blue has become a very popular color choice for suits. There are many different shades of blue, making the color versatile throughout the year. You may be confused at first about what to pair with your suit, but dressing up is as simple as picking a shade of blue and selecting other clothing to match it.

How to Wear a Blue Suit
How to Wear a Blue Suit

Pick darker colors for more formal settings and save lighter colors for informal ones. Include a tie, shoe, and accessories to complete your outfit. With proper coordination, you can wear a blue suit fashionably no matter where you’re going.

Choose a midnight blue suit for special occasions. Midnight blue is a very dark color, so it’s best used in place of black. Wear your midnight blue suit for solemn events like weddings and funerals. It’s a little less formal but more versatile than black, meaning that it works well at any type of formal occasion. However, it’s too dark to be worn often outside of those events.

Pick a white or gray shirt to match with a dark blue suit. White matches well and brightens up a dark suit. Gray is another option that can work, but go with a lighter shade to prevent the shirt from blending in too much with your suit. Choose a collared dress shirt that fits well underneath your suit jacket.

Put on a red or blue tie to contrast nicely with the white shirt. Select a deep, dark shade of red instead of a lighter one. Red also contrasts well with your suit, giving you some standout color without making your outfit look informal. If you’re looking for an alternative, choose a blue tie that is a similar shade to your suit. Since it won’t make you stand out as much, it’s perfect for serious occasions where you aren’t the center of attention.

Wear a pair of black or dark brown dress shoes to keep the look conservative. These shades work well for the most formal events imaginable. Save your black shoes for places with a strict dress code. If the rules aren’t quite as demanding, try using a dark shade of brown instead. Be sure to choose a pair of dress shoes with rounded tips instead of pointed ones.

Limit your outfit to a few accessories if you need them. Formal outfits do not need a lot of dress up in the way of accessories. You can wear a nice gold watch and that would be enough to complete your look. Another option is to stuff a pocket square into your front pocket if your jacket has one.

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