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How to Tuck in Your Shirt Properly

Wearing a dress shirt sounds simple enough, but when the options are in front of you and you're panicking about that job interview or first-date, everything can come crashing down. Tucked or untucked? Solid colored or patterned? The options can be dizzying, but take a deep breath—there are a few dos and don'ts to remember, but after that it all gets easier!

How to Tuck in Your Shirt Properly
How to Tuck in Your Shirt Properly

Tuck your shirt in if it has an uneven hem. The bottom hem is the region that is turned under and sewn to the edge of the shirt. If the hem is uneven and has tails in the back or front, it's designed to be tucked in. If you prefer to tuck in a shirt with an even hem, wear your belt a bit tighter and choose a longer dress shirt to prevent it from coming loose!

Button the top button of your shirt when you're not wearing a tie. When you're wearing a tie, you can get away with leaving the top button open. But if you're forgoing the tie, be sure to secure your collar with the top button to maintain a bit of class.

Roll up your sleeves for less formal situations. Rolling up your sleeves is a great way to achieve a "dressed down" look with an outfit that would otherwise be a bit too formal for your occasion. For example, if you're leaving a corporate atmosphere for a more casual social gathering, take off your jacket and roll up your sleeves.

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