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How to Match Ties to Shirts

The shirt and tie is a classic combination, and one that’s been around since the tie was first created back in the 17th century. The decision depends on three factors: Different occasions and times of the day, your taste and the rules of combination of colours and patterns.

How to Match Ties to Shirts
How to Match Ties to Shirts

I've put together a few simple tips and pictures to help you unleash your inner style. Always buy ties that are not too smooth or shiny.

You should look for a textured finish on these. When it comes to shirts your wardrobe should have essentials like pink, sky blue and white. While choosing a tie, pick one that has the same dominant colour accents as the shirt. However if the shirt is a neutral you do not have to have to worry about the colour of the tie.

Blue tie is perfect in combination with white or sky blue shirts.

Red tie is combined with white shirts, sky blue or grey.

Yellow tie you can combine it with blue shirt, solid or striped.

Black tie is great on a white shirt or light grey.

The polka-dot tie: If the dots are small, you can combine any type of shirt. If the dots are large, better to opt for a solid colour.

The paisley tie is one of the most popular patterns, worn with a plain colour shirt.

The patterned tie should be combined with a solid coloured shirt.

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