How to keep your holiday spending on budget

As for the shopping public, one of the greatest stresses for Londoners during the holiday season is gift-giving. Finding just the right gift for every person on your list can be overwhelming, especially if your list is long.

How to keep your holiday spending on budget
How to keep your holiday spending on budget

For those of us feeling a financial pinch, this can be a time of stress and worry rather than one of happiness and caring. We hope that this article will remind you how to do more with less and how to stick to a budget for gift-giving.

1) Take a look at your bank account and decide how much you’ll be able to set aside for holiday shopping this year. Write down any outside expenses, calculate how much income you’ll make during that time, and see how much you’ll have left over to spend on gifts.

2) Think of all the family members and friends you’ll need to buy gifts for, then list 1-2 gift ideas for each person. Having a shopping list will keep you organized and on track when you head out to start buying.

3) Look at online retailers, in stores, and on store websites to see how much you’ll need to spend for each gift you want to buy.

4) Once you get in the store, it’s easy to become distracted by the big displays, sales, and products set out for the holidays. Stay as focused as you can by only going to aisles and parts of the store where your shopping list items are.

5) It’s easy to overspend when you use credit and debit cards—sometimes it barely even feels like you’re spending money! To avoid this problem, buy as many gifts with cash as you can.

6) If you’re shopping online, make sure to check several retailers to make sure you’re getting the best possible price.

7) If you go shopping when you’re feeling stressed, exhausted, or upset, you’re likely to spend more money on gifts that aren’t on your list and on things you don’t need.