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How To Dress in a Mediterranean Summer Style

Mediterranean summer style is an objective all men should have. The ultra stylish Mediterranean man often spends a good chunk of his money on fashion, with clothing and footwear being the most impost items because apart from the beautiful beaches, great food, and relaxed lifestyle, fashion is also an integral part of the Mediterranean culture.

There is a great paradox in that style, formality isn’t the priority here! The style of clothing that works best for Mediterranean men in the summer is a semi-formal one, rather than a formal or casual one. As a consequence, when the temperature rises, the best dressed men are those who combine the formal with the informal. This results in an elegant look which recalls the style-conscious cocktail-swilling gadabouts of the Mediterranean in the 20th century.

Mediterranean men’s style is instantly recognisable but how does one dress in a Mediterranean summer style?

Blazers are the grounding of this look! For these, fabrics such as cotton, linen, wool-linen and silk-linen replace wools; textures become coarser, more rustic. Colours are lighter too, with light blues, creams, khakis and browns dominating, although for the evening a crisp silk-linen navy or black jacket is fairly unbeatable.

Next to blazers, the secondary staple is the light-coloured trousers. You will see some young adults wearing denim jeans on the streets but this is not the preferred choice of trousers. Actually, to Mediterranean men, chinos are the top choice. Especially when made of cotton, and also when white, cream or light grey, nothing conveys a summer style more enthusiastically.

In regards to shirts, wearing an oxford shirt amongst Mediterranean men is extremely popular no matter what season you are in. White and blue are the preferred colours and can be paired easily with any type of pants you wish to wear.

For footwear in the hot months, nothing conveys the Mediterranean look more than a pair of sockless loafers in white, blue and brown loafers. These are the preferred choices to wear on a daily basis, but some men prefer to wear sandals, specially if they frequent the many boardwalks and beaches.

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