How to Dress Classy

People really do notice when a man knows how to dress nicely. Knowing what to wear, how to get the colors accurate and how to keep your clothes in good condition are all important elements of dressing with class. For every man who desires to dress in a classy way, the following suggestions will help you to succeed.

How to Dress Classy
How to Dress Classy

1. Wearing the same old expensive suit for all occasions will never help. A cool pair of denim jeans with a lightly colored, well-fitting shirt followed by a lightly colored pair of Converse shoes will do the magic. This combination is affordable and decent. That said, none can say that a well-fitted Raymond suit is not cool. That's the best a man can get but it's not the only option.

2. Attracting the opposite sex has been the main concern for men while standing in front of the dresser. However, almost every time its forgotten how much a stylish pair of sneakers helps to get anyone's eye on one. Mostly girls love guys wearing a good pair of shoes.

3. For every skin tone there is a measure of permitted colors which will bring out the best of your look. However, bear in mind that there are limits; for example, a neon colored high-necked T with pink shorts can never be attractive, no matter what skin tone you have. Always choose decent colors. A lemon colored shirt with a white pair of skinny trousers can be a good option.

4. Even though dressing in a classy way never depends on the number or type of items your wardrobe possesses, it is still the case that having some standard, quality basics will always make it easy for you to dress with class. This list offers some suggestions for clothing items that the classy guy would do well to have in his wardrobe:

  • A pair(s) of clean, well-fitted jeans

  • At least one good quality suit

  • One or two ties (neither too fat nor too thin)

  • Both dark and lightly colored shirts

  • Trousers in decent colors

  • Round neck and polo T-shirts

  • A pair of good quality sneakers and a decent pair of party shoes.

5. Watches, shades, etc. do not necessarily need to be expensive but they must be decent and able to reflect a mature taste. Ask your girlfriend or elder sister to help you to choose.

6. Do not forget to apply cologne, deodorant, antiperspirant or anything else that will help you to smell good. That's the icing on the cake. Even an alpha male with body odor will be found repellent to those with sensitive noses.

7. Not necessarily a muscly one like Schwarzenegger but by adding some lean muscles, you will look good in almost everything. Hit the gym once or twice a week to keep it clean.

8. Always remember that clean garments are the best option. Even an expensive shirt with a line of dirt around the cuff will kill the impression instantly. Always keep your clothes clean and tidy. The following suggestions might be a help:

  • Keep everything arranged neatly in a dresser or wardrobe.

  • Keep untidy clothes aside, perhaps in a laundry bag or basket.

  • Make sections for pants, shirts, blazers and under garments.

  • Clean your clothes yourself, as you know which parts need more cleaning.

  • Keep all of your clean clothes pressed.

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