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How to Decorate an Attic

Whether you live in a barn conversion with original ceiling beams arcing up into a vaulted roof, or have recently used extension ideas for bungalows to add a modern space with skylights and a low-pitched roof, there are plenty of ways to maximize space – and individual style – in your attic or loft bedroom.

How to Decorate an Attic
How to Decorate an Attic

Attic conversions can be a puzzle, but if you have your roof extension pegged for an attic bedroom, here are some decorating ideas to get your interiors project underway:

Paint the walls light, solid color to make the room look bigger. If you are primarily concerned with opening the space up, sticking with one solid color is a good way to accomplish your goal. A light colour will help the room look bright, fresh, and open. White and light yellow are especially effective at creating the appearance of additional light.

Paint the ceiling the same colour as the walls to open up the space. This is especially important for slanted ceilings, as darker colours can make the room feel oppressive and can make the ceiling feel closer than it really is. Paint the ceiling the same colour (or a lighter colour) than your walls to accentuate the height of the room and to make it feel bright.

Leave beams or brick exposed for a natural feel. If your attic bedroom already has natural wooden beams, brick walls, or a stone fireplace, consider keeping these features to add to the rustic and unique feeling of the room. If they are in poor condition, use your DIY skills to restore them or hire a professional to bring them back to their former glory. To draw attention to these natural textures, expose them as much as possible and avoid placing furniture in front of them.

Hire a builder to add a skylight to maximise the natural light in the room. Install a skylight on one of the sloping walls in your room. Consider placing it over your bed, as this allows you to stargaze at night and will provide natural light in the morning. Alternatively, place it in a dark corner of your room, to brighten it up.

Add storage solutions to help make the room functional. Attic bedrooms don’t tend to have many storage cupboards or wardrobes, so it can be really useful to add hidden storage. This gives you places to put all your things and helps to prevent the room from looking cluttered. Consider installing a window bench that doubles as drawer space, or look for a bed frame with drawer space built underneath, or install a free-standing wardrobe.

Place a chair in the room to create a cosy getaway spot. Adding a chair to your room can help to create a separate space within the room. Utilise the chair as a reading nook, a place to rest clothes, or as a feature piece. Choose a chair that is comfortable and expresses your own personal style.

Try a canopy bed if you have high ceilings. The vertical poles on canopy beds help to accentuate the height of the room. Choose a canopy bed with soft, draping fabric to help promote a calm and relaxing ambience. Place the bed in the highest part of the attic room to maximise the ambient and lengthening effects of the bed.

Add bedside tables to make your room look symmetrical. The human eye tends to find symmetry calming and aesthetically pleasing. Place matching bedside tables on either side of the bed to create this effect. These are also useful for storage and displaying small ornaments or plants. Opt for bedside tables that match the rest of your furniture. For example, if your headboard is made of dark wood, choose bedside tables that are also made of dark wood.

Add mirrors to maximise the natural light in your room. Mirrors are a great addition to attic rooms, as they allow you to check your outfit whilst also bouncing light around the space. Place the mirror in a space that is often hit by the light, as this will allow the mirror to distribute light to other parts of the room that are normally dark.

Install hanging lights to add ambience. Chandeliers, hanging bulbs, and other hanging lights provide extra lighting and can be beautiful feature pieces. Place the lights in the middle of the room to disperse the light evenly or hang them over a darker corner to brighten it up. Choose low-watt bulbs if you want a cosy, ambient mood or opt for bright bulbs if you need light for reading or studying.

Hang art on vertical walls to add colour and interest. Art is a great ways to make your walls look less bare. Consider hanging a print, photograph, painting, or sketch on the wall to give the room personality. If your room is fairly plain, pick art that has a little colour to brighten up your room.

Choose light-coloured curtains to make the room feel lighter. Curtain are a wonderful way to set the mood in a room. Choose thin, light-coloured curtains to make your attic room feel fresh and breezy. Thin cotton, linen, and muslin curtains work well for creating this effect. If you need the room to be dark in order to sleep, choose curtains with a black-out coating on the back. This will help to block the light when the curtains are closed.

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