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How To Build A Capsule Wardrobe

To build a stylish wardrobe, you need to start with the basics. These are the building blocks of any well-dressed man's collection. They’ll range from formal necessities to casual classics and will be a capsule of stylish pieces that have stood the test of time.

How To Build A Capsule Wardrobe
How To Build A Capsule Wardrobe

The solution to feeling stylish, comfortable and knowing what you have available to wear every day comes in the form of a capsule wardrobe, which is a curated selection of clothes that are versatile enough to work seamlessly with one another.

With the internet, a host of options in men’s clothing stores, and a little bit of time searching for the right clothes, you can create the wardrobe of your dream!

1. Searching on male fashion websites or e-magazines will give you a good idea of what men’s fashion looks like today.

2. Think about whether you would like to be perceived as sporty, edgy, classic, hipster, or something entirely different.

3. Take a look in your closet, and keep the clothing that reflects current fashion and suits your physique. Basics such as a good t-shirt or dress shirt may do wonders for your look, and provide an excellent base from which to start your new style.

4. Try on any piece of clothing you want to keep. Make sure it fits properly in all of the right places. If it doesn’t fit properly and you aren’t able to get it tailored to fit, put it in a pile to donate to charity.

5. It will be helpful to have an idea of what you are looking to spend in relation to how many articles of clothing you will need to buy. This will determine what stores you should be shopping in.

6. Purchase five well-fitting button-down shirts. These items are staples in any man’s wardrobe, and you never know when you will need to use them. White and pale blue are universally flattering colours for button-down shirts, as well as small prints involving light colours.

7. Purchase five solid-coloured t-shirts. Colours like white, black, navy blue, olive green, and grey will match with most of the other articles of clothing in your wardrobe. They’ll help you create a casual look.

8. Purchase one or two pairs of solid-coloured jeans. Dark wash jeans will match many other garments. Make sure the fit is the correct one for your body type.

9. Purchase one or two solid coloured-sweaters. Navy, olive, grey, or black will work best. You can use this to layer up for warmth during the colder months or just to wear by itself for a more casual look.

10. Purchase at least two pairs of dress pants. Colours such as grey, black, khaki, or tan will work best with your other garments and make matching easy.

11. Purchase one or two pairs of casual shoes. Pick your favourite style, but make sure they are comfortable and in a colour that will match most of your wardrobe. Black and brown are the most popular options.

12. Purchase a coat or jacket. Depending on the weather where you live, you might need a heavier jacket. Select one that can transition from heavy to lighter depending on the weather.

13. Purchase a suit. Every adult man needs a well-fitting suit. You never know what opportunity might arise for you to wear it. Go to a store that specializes in fitting for men’s suits. Select a colour such as black, navy, or grey.

14. Purchase at least one pair of dress shoes. These will go with your suit as well as your dress pants and button-down shirts. Select a colour such as black or brown that will complement your wardrobe.

15. Check the clothing for the quality of the fabric and stitching, any tears or stains, and your ability to move in the piece. Inspect the seams closely and make sure the stitches are tight and close together.

16. A watch can pull your look together and show your style through accessorizing. Pick one that isn’t too large or too small, that fits well on your wrist.

17. If you live in an area with a lot of sun or with intense summers, sunglasses will definitely be useful.

18. Purchase other accessories. These will help to create an endless amount of different looks from a small number of outfits. Accessorizing with a tie, hat, belt, or even jewellery can take your outfit to the next level and make you stand out in a way that is unique to you.

19. Invest in one or two pieces of clothing that will define your style. If you’re into the edgy look, this may be a real leather jacket. For someone interested in looking sporty, it might be a great pair of sneakers.

20. Consider subscribing to magazines that specialize in men’s fashion. This will keep you updated and on-trend and thinking about new ways that you can style the pieces that you already have.

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