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How to Achieve A Classy Look

Achieving an elegant and classy look doesn’t always have to be expensive. In fact, many times the most stylish outfits are those that you can mix and match from your wardrobe or find inexpensively at a thrift store.

How to Achieve A Classy Look
How to Achieve A Classy Look

The best bet for looking stylish is to go with a classic style. It's all about collecting versatile, affordable and easily combined pieces, that fit you well and are timeless. You don't need designer clothes to be stylish or to look classy, and you definitely don't have to have all your clothes from the latest season's collections.

Wearing the same old expensive suit for all occasions will never help. A cool pair of denim jeans with a lightly coloured, well-fitting shirt followed by a lightly coloured pair of Converse shoes will do the magic. This combination is affordable and decent. That said, none can say that a well-fitted Raymond suit is not cool. That's the best a man can get but it's not the only option. A great-fitting dress shirt can make a big difference in your wardrobe.

A good pair of shoes can really help you look sharp. In fact, it’s often forgotten how much a stylish pair of sneakers can jazz up your look. Most girls love guys wearing a good pair of shoes.

Every skin tone goes especially well with certain colors. However, bear in mind that there are limits; for example, a neon-coloured high-necked tee with pink shorts can never be attractive, no matter what skin tone you have. Always choose decent colours. A lemon-coloured shirt with a white pair of skinny trousers can be a good option.

Having some standard, quality basics makes it easy to dress with class. This list offers some suggestions for clothing items that the classy guy would do well to have in his wardrobe:

A pair(s) of dark, well-fitted jeans

At least one good quality suit

One or two ties (neither too fat nor too thin)

Both dark and lightly colored shirts

Trousers in decent colors

Round neck and polo T-shirts

A pair of good quality sneakers and a decent pair of party shoes.

Apply cologne, deodorant, antiperspirant, or something similar. That's the icing on the cake. Even an alpha male with body odour will be found repellent to those with sensitive noses.

Clean garments are always the best option. Even an expensive shirt with a line of dirt around the cuff will kill the impression instantly. Always keep your clothes clean and tidy.

Accessories do not necessarily need to be expensive but they should be mature.

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