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How Do You Wear A Hoodie And A Scarf?

Whether your style is laid-back, edgy or more refined, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take this urban classic for a fresh spin. Hoodies serve you casual panache for both your lazy and your hustling days, so you can wear them with virtually anything in your closet.

How Do You Wear A Hoodie And A Scarf?
How Do You Wear A Hoodie And A Scarf?

Hoodies are a super cozy layer that makes any outfit look comfortable and chic. If you are thinking of tying a scarf around your neck, you might be worried about the added bulk in your neck area. You can wear a thick or bulky scarf under or around your hood to look fashionable and comfy on a chilly day.

Zip up your hoodie all the way. Put your hoodie on and make sure it is zipped closed all the way up to your neck, but don't put your hood on yet. This keeps the heat in well and won’t add any bulk to your outfit. If your hoodie doesn’t have a zipper, you can just pull it on like you normally would.

Fold your scarf in half. Hold your scarf in your hands and fold it in half so that there is a looped side in one of your hands. Make sure the fold is relatively even so that your scarf doesn’t look unbalanced.

Wrap the scarf around your neck with a loop on 1 side. Drape your scarf over your neck so that the looped end is on one side and the hanging ends are on the other. Slide your scarf around on your neck until it looks mostly even on either side.

Pull the hanging ends of the scarf through the loop. Grab the hanging ends of the scarf in one hand and the looped end of the scarf in the other. Pull the hanging ends through the loop so that the scarf fits snugly against your neck.

Hang the excess ends of the scarf over your hoodie. Pull the hanging ends of the scarf out over your torso so that they cover the zipper of your hoodie. Make sure the scarf is mostly centred so that your outfit looks even.

Put your hood up to stay warm. Pull your hood up on the back of your head over the scarf. This covers your ears as well as your neck for the maximum amount of warmth in your hoodie.

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