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How Do You Wear a Button Up Shirt Casually?

In the past few years, we’ve seen a movement away from the very strict suit, tie, shirt combination, and the modern man’s daily uniform has become a lot more casual and unique to his own style. That does not mean that we can’t still wear the dress shirts we love so much and just give them a little bit more of a casual touch.

How Do You Wear a Button Up Shirt Casually?
How Do You Wear a Button Up Shirt Casually?

Wear a checkered dress shirt for a relaxed look. If you want to look nice for a barbecue or just create a relaxed look, checkered dress shirts are the best choice. Wear checkered dress shirts if you have an athletic or thin build.

Combine a brighter colored shirt with darker outfit choices. If you're wearing dark pants or a dark tie, stick with brighter shirt colors. The most common is blue, which is a change from the classic white shirt. Gray, tan, or navy also works.

Wear a hat with your dress shirt to spice up a casual outfit. Adding a baseball cap to a dress shirt and tie outfit is a nice casual touch. They also pair well with unstructured blazers. If you like to wear colorful hats, try a beanie.

Pair your dress shirt with oxford shoes or Chelsea boots for a relaxed look. Oxfords and Chelsea boots go great with casual dress shirt outfits, including jeans and trousers. For example, try a grey dress shirt on top of slim-fitting back jeans, your oxfords, and a black Harrington jacket.

Top off your outfit with a vest for a bit of class. Vests work perfectly for casual outfits looking for just a hint of class. Leave the last button undone for comfort and keep the color distinct but complementary to your outfit. For example, a gray vest is a safe bet that pairs with simple combinations like a white dress shirt and denim jeans.

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