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Home Decor Ideas from Harrods

While designing your home is no doubt exciting, the process can also be overwhelming. Trying to achieve the right balance of form and function has its challenges. Regardless of your style, the big picture and the small details are equally important. From choosing the right furniture to finding the perfect colour palette, here are six designer-approved home decor ideas we discovered at Harrods home & furniture department to inspire you as you create your dream home.

Home Decor Ideas from Harrods
Home Decor Ideas from Harrods

How do you make your space look its best while reflecting your personal sense of style? Do it well and you’ll end up with a comfortable, happy home. Do it poorly and you’ll end up with a hodge-podge of furniture, fabrics and paint colours that never congeal into a pleasing whole. With a little planning, and by following the same steps used by professional interior designers, you’ll have a much greater chance of success!

To help you navigate your home décor project, we asked interior designers to share some of their favourite decorating tips with us. When decorating a space, many people start by committing to a palette. But interiors experts recommends putting this step off until much later in the process.

No room is complete without a light fixture. In fact, according to many designers, no room is complete without at least three light fixtures.

Trends can be incredibly tempting. But talk to any designer, and you’ll hear the same advice: Focus on what you love!

When laying out your furniture, be sure to give yourself and your guests plenty of room to move around.

Balancing tons of different colours can get intimidating, especially if you’re a first-time decorator.

*All images have been taken exclusively for TLMB at Harrods

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