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Harvie and Hudson - High Quality Shirts for The Modern Man

As expert shirt makers since 1949, Harvie and Hudson believe nothing is more important in a Gentleman's wardrobe than a Shirt. Having built their business in the heart of Jermyn Street, they have dedicated time, effort and craftsmanship to constructing Shirts that exude luxury.

Harvie and Hudson - High Quality Shirts for The Modern Man
Harvie and Hudson - High Quality Shirts for The Modern Man

From the quality of the fabric to the alignment of the pattern, and the intricate little details like their mother of pearl buttons - they refined each aspect to ensure that the end result is nothing less than a shirt superior to any other.

Harvie and Hudson are the sole remaining shirt maker to still follow the traditions of Jermyn Street. Every bespoke shirt is hand cut by their shirt cutters, using the finest clothes from across the globe.

All their shirts use quality cotton. Stitched with a high attention to detail creating no “wobble” on the seams you see on cheaper shirts. Their bespoke shirts all have single needle side seams, creating extremely flat finished seams that they retain wash after wash.

Harvie and Hudson craftsmanship is not just something you can see, it’s also something you can feel!

About Harvie and Hudson

Thomas Harvie and George Hudson opened the first Harvie & Hudson London store in 1949. Thomas sourced the finest cloths, while George cut bespoke shirts. They instantly became known for their English craftsmanship and attention to detail, dressing London’s most prestigious gentlemen.

The 1960’s saw a new colourful era for Harvie & Hudson under the direction of Jeff Harvie, Derek and Howard Hudson. It was during this period that their signature H&H stripe - that they proudly display on their branding – emerged after some bespoke shirts were made up out of flamboyant pyjama material to brighten up a window display. It instantly captured the moment, with customers rushing to buy bright pink, red, yellow, green and purple striped shirts, creating something of a revolution up and down Jermyn Street.

Today the business is in the hands of a third generation of Harvie and Hudson and they continue to design their own exclusive cloth patterns for use in their ready to wear and bespoke shirts. They carry on building their history as Outfitters with a growing menswear offering, dressing discerning gentlemen across the globe.

*Images taken exclusively for The London Man Blog at H&H store on Jermyn Street

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