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Gillette ProShield Power Razor

The Gillette ProShield men's razor with lubrication before and after the blades, shields skin from irritation while you shave for closeness and comfort. Battery-powered soothing micropulses help you to reduce friction so the razor glides even more smoothly over the skin.

Gillette ProShield Power Razor
Gillette ProShield Power Razor

The FlexBall technology responds to contours and gets virtually every hair effortlessly. With its blades spaced closely together for incredible comfort and a precision trimmer on the back, you can dare to get close.

Cushioning lubrication strips for comfort

ProShield Power cartridges feature dual Lubrastrips, located both before and after the blades. Strips of pre-lubricated material that are activated on contact with water, the Lubrastrips release lubrication with every stroke to reduce friction and ensure a slick glide during shaving. The Lubrastrips are designed to help shield the skin from nicks, cuts and irritation.

Innovative micropulse technology

Featuring a small battery-operated motor, the ProShield Power razor delivers soothing micropulses to help the razor glide over the skin. Easy to activate via a button in the ergonomic handle, these small vibrations help the Power razor’s blades move smoothly over the skin. Easy-grip detailing on the handle offer precision and control, even when wet.

Microcomb to guide hairs for optimal cutting

ProShield Power cartridges feature a microcomb guard bar, located behind the microfins. The flexible microfins flatten the skin, then the microcomb gently directs the hairs to the blades. Designed to position the hairs at a good cutting angle and reduce tug and pull, this unique guard bar is found on Gillette’s most advanced razor cartridges, offering closeness and comfort.

Revolutionary FlexBall technology

The ProShield Power razor features FlexBall technology which responds to skin irregularities. The FlexBall pivot sits between the handle and cartridge, moving automatically when the surface of the skin changes. Tackling hard-to-navigate areas such as the chin and jawline with ease, the pivot action allows for incredible closeness, even over contours.

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