Gillette Labs With Exfoliating Bar

Morning routines across the UK are about to get more effortless thanks to the latest drop from Gillette Labs. The much-hyped new razor from Gillette Labs – Gillette’s premium innovation hub – sees the launch of the first ever razor with a built-in exfoliation bar to combine shaving and exfoliation in one effortless stroke.

Gillette Labs With Exfoliating Bar
Gillette Labs With Exfoliating Bar

GilletteLabs with Exfoliating Bar by Gillette is the world’s first razor with exfoliating technology built into the handle, for a shave that's as quick and easy as washing your face.

Its sleek, premium metal handle comes with a lifetime guarantee1, making this the last razor

guys need to buy, upgrading their shave to look and feel their best, effortlessly.

The Gillette Labs with Exfoliating Bar razor combines shaving and gentle exfoliation technology into one efficient stroke. It has a built-in scalloped exfoliation bar that helps remove dirt and debris prior to the blades passing, priming your skin for an elevated shave experience.

The razor itself is fantastic. By keeping things largely to metallic grey and silver, with the blast of colour from the packaging repeated in the titular Exfoliating Bar, Gillette has created something far more attractive than most of its razors of recent vintage. The handle, including the exfoliator, is said to last for five years, which shows how much confidence Gillette has in its design and build quality.

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“Gillette Labs is a game-changer,” said Matt Thomas, Senior Director for Grooming at

P&G. “We know some guys think shaving is a hassle. Not anymore. This new razor from Gillette

Labs combines shaving and exfoliation in one effortless stroke. You get the world-class technology

you’d expect from Gillette, together with beautiful design for the perfect combination of form and

function. We’re changing the face of shaving and making it effortless''

Winner of the GQ Award in the ‘Best Razors’ category, the razor’s built-in exfoliation bar removes dirt and debris from the skin before the blades pass and features Gillette’s most advanced five blade technology for a close, comfortable shave. The beautifully designed metal handle comes with a magnetic stand to securely hold the razor upright, meaning the razor not only looks great on your sink but also allows your blades to dry fully.

“Guys who have tried Gillette Labs tell us they love it – the consumer testing is better than any Gillette launch in history including the iconic “Fusion” razor. We will paint the UK and Ireland black and neon green across the next few months to ensure this launch is truly unmissable, continuing our history of working with game-changing ambassadors including Raheem, Ian & Lando,” added Matt Thomas.

Alongside the razor launch, Gillette Labs has also introduced a new skincare range, including a Quick Rinse Shave Foam and Rapid Foaming Shave Gel, designed for smooth strokes and smooth skin, giving guys the tools for an effortless shave from start to finish.

The new Gillette Labs range is available to buy online at as well as in store and online at all major UK retailers. From shaving and body grooming, to skin care and sweat protection, Gillette offers a wide variety of products including razors, shave gel (gels, foams and creams), skin care, after shaves, antiperspirants, deodorants and body wash. For more information and the latest news on Gillette, visit

The new Gillette Labs with Exfoliating Bar is the future of shaving!