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Flamant Rose by The Merchant of Venice

The perfume is reinterpreting some iconic elements of Venice and The Merchant of Venice: the lagoon, where flamingos love to gather, the style and attention to detail, and the precious raw materials in a high concentration that characterize the Murano Exclusive line.

Flamant Rose by The Merchant of Venice
Flamant Rose by The Merchant of Venice

A flaming feather that caresses the skin with the grace of one of the most elegant creatures in the world: the pink flamingo. Symbol of harmony and positivity, with its colorful and luminous plumage, this wonderful bird is the inspiring muse of Flamant Rose, the exclusive Eau De Parfum Concentrèe that combines delicacy and extravagance in a perfect balance.

A precious and enveloping fragrance, immersed in the warm and bright coral shades of the bottle that recall the iconic colors of the flamingo. Flamant Rose is a unique and particular Eau de Parfum Concentrèe, which combines a strong flowery character with sweetly fruity notes, and recalls the sensations of a walk on sunset.

The citrusy and sparkling departure of petitgrain and verbena intoxicates the senses and gives a delicate refreshing sensation, which immediately transforms into an enveloping and warm embrace enhanced by the delicate touch of orange blossom. The creamy geranium petals are enriched with lactonic shades of apricot, lying in a soft and oriental woody drift of tonka bean and musk, for a warm sunny sensation.

Top notes: Orange flower, Petitgrain, Verbena
Heart notes: Apricot, Geranium, Orange Flowers
Base Notes: Musk, Patchouli, Tonka Bean

*Image taken exclusively for The London Man Blog at Harvey Nichols

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