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Explore Jaguar F-Type

There is no wrong answer when choosing your Jaguar F-Type. Each have their own unique character, whether that be the purity of the coupé, or the freedom and carefree attitude that comes with the convertible.

Explore Jaguar F-Type
Explore Jaguar F-Type

The interior of an F‑TYPE is an exciting place to be. The lightweight seats are a snug fit. Controls are intuitively accessible. Instruments are clear and simple. F‑TYPE’s performance seats are 12‑way adjustable, so you can settle into your own personal sweet spot. Plus, there’s the option of heating or cooling for even greater comfort.

F‑TYPE’s swept-back headlights are elongated and meld into the car’s aerodynamic lines. Animated Directional Indicators glide across the ‘J’ blades, adding to the sense of theatre. At the rear, F‑TYPE's LED tail lights wrap around to the wheel arches, emphasising the car’s muscular stance.

It is powered by the most thrilling of Jaguar’s petrol engines, all of which feature innovative technologies for improved fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, without compromising on performance. All models, from the 300PS 4‑cylinder to the 575PS V8, feature an Active Sports Exhaust system. Choose to make this switchable, so you have the option of releasing the thrilling rumble at all engine speeds.

F‑TYPE’s All‑Wheel Drive with Intelligent Driveline Dynamics offers performance with perfect poise, delivering confident handling for the road ahead. The car utilises an individually controlled braking system on the inside wheels to maximise capability through even the tightest corners. By reducing understeer, it delivers sporting agility and added driver confidence.

With Touch Pro, F‑TYPE’s in-car infotainment system, you’ll be seamlessly connected to the rest of the world. On the standard 10” Touchscreen, use pinch and swipe gestures to effortlessly access our audio-visual experience. For a seamlessly informed journey, Touch Pro’s Live Apps synchronise with each other so you can be presented with the entire picture.

A smarter, safer way to use your smartphone while in your vehicle. Navigate effortlessly through your library and play your music with Apple CarPlay®. Or use the equally seamless integration of Android AutoTM. The incredibly rich sound of F‑TYPE’s audio comes courtesy of British high-resolution sound specialists MeridianTM. Engineered using precision digital technologies, these state‑of‑the‑art sound systems are tailored to blend seamlessly with the car’s luxurious interior.

In the event of a theft, optional Secure Tracker signals the location of your F-TYPE and alerts the authorities immediately, helping to recover your vehicle.

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