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Esclot London - Classic and Elegant

At Esclot London, you get an assortment of professional tailoring services, ensuring you’re up to date with the latest trends. Nestled in the heart of London, you can rely on their highly experienced team to provide you with fashionable clothing that’s bespoke to you!

Esclot London - Classic and Elegant
Esclot London - Classic and Elegant

Esclot is known for its unequalled craftsmanship, quality, expertise, and exceptional attention to detail in the construction of bespoke suits. What’s more, their Saville Row Tailors have a combined experience of over 30 years.

Working alongside its long-standing neighbours, Esclot London’s aim is to support and maintain the pre-eminence of the Row. They do this by serving the established customers who are known to the Row and attracting a new generation of gentlemen by offering a modern, open approach and attractive pricing structure.

At Esclot London, their exclusive store house offers an assortment of amorously crafted garments of unique quality and style. Their suits are complemented by a wonderful array of shirts, ties, shoes, and other accessories that truly depict style and exclusivity. All the best suits start off with premium fabrics. That’s why they combine the best materials and the latest fashion trends in one product. The rest speaks for itself!

Their suits offer a modern British cut that has been made by using age-old hand-tailoring techniques. Delivered with a personal touch, there’s nothing quite like the luxury of a Savile Row suit. So, whether it is a first-class lounge suit, an elegant tuxedo, or a classic morning suit you’re looking for, make sure that Esclot London is your first port of call!

*Images taken exclusively for The London Man Blog

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