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DS 3 Crossback E-Tense

Pure and intense, when driving a 100% electric vehicle power is available immediately ensuring a smooth, dynamic and quiet driving experience. DS 3 CROSSBACK E-TENSE carries all the DNA of the conventionally powered versions.

DS 3 Ccrossback E-Tense
DS 3 Ccrossback E-Tense

With its 100% electric powertrain, E-TENSE is elegant and modern, while offering exhilarating performance. DS 3 CROSSBACK, the compact SUV with its striking design, stands out with its powerful avant-garde style.

The car combines refinement and advanced technology. With its striking design, DS 3 CROSSBACK stands out as modern, sophisticated and elegant. The saddlers have sublimated the interior of DS 3 CROSSBACK with Nappa leather, a precious full grain leather. The watch strap making gracefully underlines the deep link between DS Automobiles and French craftsmanship.

DS has designed the interior of DS 3 CROSSBACK so that every piece of information and every order is directly accessible. Access all essential data with the Head-Up Display, and focus on what matters most: the pleasure of driving.

Whether on short or long journeys, comfort inside DS 3 CROSSBACK is exceptional. In both the front and rear seats, our engineers have incorporated double density foam using an innovative treatment to give a base that is enveloping and high quality.

Enjoy the effect of DS LOUNGE, in particular our high-end FOCAL Electra® HiFi system. Made up of 12 speakers and a subwoofer, all perfectly positioned around the interior, this 515-Watt system provides an incredibly immersive listening experience.

It offers a range of 191-206 miles (WLTP* cycle). A combination of performance and elegance. Weather conditions, your speed and your driving style can all affect the range of your electric vehicle. Find out more about the factors that can have an impact on the efficiency of your battery.


Speed has the greatest impact on your electric car’s range. At a steady 62mph, an electric vehicle has half its WLTP homologated range. By reducing your speed, you can drive longer.

Driving style and elevation

How you drive and the hilliness of your route play a part in the range of your electric vehicle. As well as Eco mode, selected from the three driving modes, we suggest you focus on eco-driving. Using the regenerative braking and a smooth driving style can increase your range by up to 20%.


Range can vary by up to 35% between spring and winter. Using the MyDS app, switch on your car’s thermal pre-set function when it is plugged in to increase your range and limit the impact of heating or cooling the cockpit on the battery.

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