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Discover Waterford Crystal

Since its foundation by the Penrose Brothers in 1783, Waterford represents the finest level of quality and craftsmanship. Founded in Ireland in the city of Waterford, Waterford Crystal has become an icon of Irish lifestyle.

Discover Waterford Crystal
Discover Waterford Crystal

Craftsmanship: The Design Studio within the House of Waterford Crystal, Ireland, is the incubator for the dreams, ideas and inspirations that later become your treasured pieces of luxury crystal. With imagination and artistic vision, designers capture the spirit of exciting new themes and ideas in the blank canvas of pristine fine crystal, modernizing classic Waterford patterns for the contemporary tastes of a global audience.

Waterford are one of few crystal manufacturers today that still practices the ancient craft of mould making. For this discipline, very little has changed over the centuries - a shining testament to the innovations of their 18th century Master Craftsmen. Wood moulds and hand tools of beech and pear woods are used by the Master Blowers to shape the molten crystal. Due to the searing heat of the crystal, these moulds have a life span of just 7-10 days.

Blowing: This is where stunning luxury crystal starts to take its shape. Using a furnace that reaches temperatures of 2,400 degrees F, the Master Craftsmen meticulously manipulate and transform molten balls of glowing, red hot crystal to reveal the elegant shapes of Waterford Crystal.

Each crystal masterpiece is carefully inspected after each stage of production. Only pieces within their strict quality standards are allowed through to the next step of the process. There are six stringent inspections, and if at any stage the crystal is not considered to be of luxury quality, it is rejected, smashed and sent back to the furnace for re-melting. Whichever collection you choose has its' own unique story and inspiration that is sure to be a conversation piece in your home!

*Image taken exclusively for TLMB at Harrods

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