Diptyque Tubereuse Limited Edition Candle

Searching for the right candle to light inside your home at this time of year? For this time of year, we suggest lighting the Tubereuse scented candle in your home. Why? It’s sumptuously pleasant and boasts a delightful wick that imitates the sound of a crackling fire as the wax burns and emits fragrance.

Diptyque Tubereuse Limited Edition Candle
Diptyque Tubereuse Limited Edition Candle

The scent of tuberose in the wide fields of Southern India, where these fragrant white flowers are grown. From the top of their long, slender stems, they exhale a heady yet fresh and green scent, delicately nuanced with fruity, milky notes.

In this limited edition, Tubéreuse (Tuberose) is clad in blue. An invitation to set your imagination adrift.

Notes: Tuberose, orange blossom, jasmine, amber wood

Tip: Leave the candle to burn until the surface is completely liquid then reposition the wick in the centre and trim it regularly.

Find it at Harrods and Diptyque

Photo has been taken for TLMB at Harrods