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Diptyque 60 Years The Grand Tour

This year diptyque is celebrating its 60th anniversary: an opportunity to immerse yourself in everything that has inspired the House since its creation. A cavalcade of youthful creativity, 2021 will be dedicated to graphic design, encounters, nature, travel and curiosity.

Diptyque 60 Years
Diptyque 60 Years

The spirit of exploration and imagination has shaped diptyque since its creation, looking at the world through curious eyes and bringing to life its unbridled passion for art and culture. In honour of its 60th anniversary, diptyque takes residence at The Selfridges Corner Shop in London from 6th September - 3rd October 2021.

The London Man Blog visited Selfridges and present you the limited-edition fragrant creation and much more...


Diptyque once again takes to the road with a collection inspired by a legendary cultural journey: the Grand Tour. The first stopover on the journey: Paris and its Left Bank, where diptyque's story began.

This stopover is illustrated in a candle that has been conceived as a Parisian stroll.

They walk along the Seine, its quais lined with weeping willows and chestnut trees, passing antique shops before losing ourselves in the pages of old books found on the booksellers' stands. At the heart of the composition, notes of polished wood, and the spicy vanilla accents of weathered books and paving stones evoke this Parisian atmosphere where art meets history.

The candle is presented with a lid of sculpted black wood inspired by the design of old diptyque candle stands. On the label, a compass rose symbolises the starting point of diptyque's Grand Tour. It is inspired by the compass rose carved on the forecourt of Notre-Dame de Paris to mark Kilometre Zero, the point from which every road in France starts.


The second stopover on this journey: Kyoto. The Japanese aesthetic has often inspired the Maison with its refinement and poetry. For this eau de toilette, the focus is on ikebana, an art that describes "the way of flowers" and that shapes nature according to ancestral codes.

The first school of ikebana was founded in Kyoto in the 15th century. This olfactory composition has been conceived according to the three symbolic pillars of the art: the rose represents that of man, the beetroot-vetiver duo evokes that of the earth, and incense that of heaven. A woody floral creation with the refined grace of an ikebana arrangement of roses and branches.


The third stopover on the journey is Milies, in Greece. Diptyque's founders used to rent a house there in the summer. The village nestled at the foot of Mount Pelion, and to reach it one had to follow the mountain paths.

The scented oval retraces in scents the roads that reached from the coast up to Pelion. The spicy scent of immortelle mingles with the cool Mediterranean wind before warming up next to sun-drenched fig trees. In this composition, the warm-cool mélange of spicy and woody aromatic notes evokes the contrasts and richness of this journey to the heart of Greece.


The fourth stopover on the journey: Byblos. Diptyque's founders stayed there when they travelled through Lebanon. Small cafés line the alleys of the old souk at the thousand-year-old port. There, a strong coffee is served, its aroma mingling with the scent of each stall's ancient woodwork.

Not far away is the ancient Phoenician port where cargoes of spices and precious wood were once unloaded. At the heart of the composition, an enveloping accord of roasted coffee is accentuated by the liveliness of fresh cardamom and Atlas cedar.

A succession of sensations and olfactory impressions that illustrate the atmosphere of a city with a fascinating historical and artistic legacy. This candle comes in a marbled-clay vessel inspired by wisps of coffee smoke.

*Images taken exclusively for The London Man Blog at Selfridges

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