Daimon Barber: Premium Men's Shaving Products

A good shaving razor, cream or after shave lotion could provide the best shaving experience. An effective razor must have a special guard on the blade, which prevents it from shaving too close and thus causing irritation, but doesn’t sacrifice efficacy.

Daimon Barber Premium Men's Shaving Products

A good shaving cream needs to contain ingredients that protect and hydrate your skin, cut down on irritation, and also make the less-than-exciting experience of shaving a little easier and more pleasurable. A good after shave lotion must preserve the skin's delicate pH balance while preventing irritation and clogged pores.

I tested the Daimon Barber shaving products and discovered how easy is to get a smoother and more comfortable shave. Daimon Barber have committed to make the best shaving products, without sacrificing quality or comfort. It is the brand you should be proud to showcase on your bathroom shelf!

Daimon Barber Premium Men's Shaving Products


The precision 6 blade razor system provides everything you need for the most comfortable shave:

  • an ergonomically smooth, weighted handle with grooved grip for perfect balance and better control

  • a platinum coated 5 blade cartridge to easily cut through the coarsest hair

  • an aloe and vitamin-E enhanced lubrication strip for a smooth glide without any hair pulling or tugging

  • a pivoted system razor head to follow the natural shape of your face

  • an additional precision trimmer blade to help you tackle hard to reach areas around sideburns and under the nose.


This rich shave cream softens hair to achieve the perfect close shave. Filagrin is a protein made by skin cells that keeps the skin naturally moisturised. Filagrinol helps keep filagrin production at optimum levels leaving skin feeling deeply moisturised and smooth.

  • Honeybee Moisture Complex is a naturally derived sugar complex that helps the skin retain this moisture.

  • Rosehip, black seed and camellia oil blend to leave compromised skin feeling nourished and smooth.

  • Aloe extract provides moisturisation and also has healing properties to treat small cuts caused by shaving.

  • Lime and apple seed oils leave the skin energised.


A lightweight moisturising lotion that helps rejuvenate and comfort just shaven skin. Myramaze is an ingredient that invigorates, regenerates and strengthens skin that can become stressed or depleted following shaving.

A blend of rosehip, apple seed, lime seed and camellia seed oils, which are full of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids, work on a cellular level to revive and hydrate skin. Menthol has an enhanced cooling effect on the skin following application.

Daimon Barber Premium Men's Shaving Products


This rich, cleansing wash provides mild detergency and gently foaming properties to remove dirt and oil from the skin. Propolis has anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties and enhances skin renewal.

Glycoderm restores the lipid barrier of the stratum corneum to provide a well-balanced water content to the skin. Honeybee Moisture Complex is a naturally derived sugar complex that helps boost skin moisturisation and retention of this moisture.


This Forming Cream is a water soluble styling cream, which provides a medium hold and matte finish for natural and textured styles. Blended with Kahai Nut Oil, an ingredient with 50% more Vitamin E than Argan Oil, Apple Seed Oil, Kaolin and Bentonite minerals to deeply nourish, strengthen, protect, cleanse, detoxify and hydrate the hair and scalp throughout the day.

Perfect for all hair types, featherweight application, easily rinsed, 100% reworkable and scented with our most popular Oudh & Egyptian Mallow fragrance, Forming Cream is the creme de la creme for performance, control and ease of use. Professional grade hairstyling product.

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