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Corneliani Summer 2022

From the slow pace of enclosed spaces to vibrant immersions in nature, rediscovering the pleasure of large outdoor spaces. From prolonged stasis to free movement, with comfortable, high-performance, lightweight clothing that embodies quality and tradition with a contemporary twist.

Corneliani SS 2022
Corneliani SS 2022

For Spring/Summer 2022, Corneliani is exploring multiple levels, from formal to sporty, designing a collection that connects present style with the cornerstones of its history, with its creative heritage, with timeless icons restyled through the development of its cuts, technological innovation and advanced fabric research.

A calm, relaxing afternoon to take time for yourself. To contemplate and enjoy moments of pure beauty and simplicity. On the set of a modernist villa with a minimalist style, where sophistication is not ostentatious but a deep need for lightness, the Spring Summer 2022 campaign takes shape among warm lights and harmonious compositions.

Classic tailoring is combined with a simplified casual style, revealing relaxed designs and constructions that enhance the prolonged feeling of comfort.

A focus on the planet and limiting environmental impact continues to drive the Circle project by elevating sustainable design through updated styles and exclusive customizations that make the garments instantly recognizable.

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