Corneliani S/S 2020

For the Spring / Summer 2020 season, Corneliani celebrates its sophisticated, highly masculine, authentically luxurious style, which is renewed through a contemporary filter, where beauty, comfort and practicality create an absolute balance.

While remaining true to itself, the sartorial elegance deeply rooted in the brand evolves into a more casual language, into more unstructured codes for a dynamic lifestyle in step with the times. The look is casual, spontaneous, the traditional garments are reinterpreted, lose any rigidity, are mixed and worn with fluidity and nonchalance. For a tailoring idea that takes on new features to enhance the personality and aesthetic taste of every man who chooses to wear Corneliani.

A Seventies spirit, free from any nostalgic and vintage vein, inspires the Corneliani collection for the Spring / Summer 2020 season. You look at the archive, rediscovering a hyper sophisticated taste, which is however projected into the contemporary world through avant-garde fabrics and processes.

It is an impeccable, masculine, refined, but at the same time spontaneous and comfortable dress.

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