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Celebrate Christmas Afloat on a Cruise Ship

If you’re hoping to do something different this holiday season, celebrate Christmas on a cruise! This is great way to escape the whirlwind of cookie baking, being stuck in traffic, and wrapping presents all night long.

Celebrate Christmas Afloat on a Cruise Ship
Celebrate Christmas Afloat on a Cruise Ship

1. Discuss your plans with family members to get their approval. Make sure everyone you plan to bring on the cruise is on board. Discuss how you’ll handle popular family traditions, and explain why you want to go on the cruise. You should also contact extended family to give them a heads-up about your plan

2. Choose large ships for small children and lots of activities. Large ships will hold between 2,000 and 3,000+ passengers. While these ships are crowded, they’re the best choice if you’ve got small children and want to take advantage of lots of family-oriented programs

3. Pick mid-size ships for a mix of activities for adults and kids. Mid-size ships hold between about 950 and 2,000 passengers. These ships may have less family programming, but the atmosphere may be better for adults who want to meet and socialize with other people on board. The passengers will generally be older than on a large ship

4. Find out about different cruise lines’ holiday plans. Before you decide on a cruise line and ship, go online and learn about the boat. You can browse through pictures, read reviews, and compare and contrast your options. Be sure to check out what each ship has planned for their Christmas cruises

5. Call the cruise line or go online to find deals. Christmas is often the most expensive time of year to go on a cruise, so expect prices to be high. However, you may be able to find deals if you contact the cruise line and ask about any specials.

6. Leave room in your suitcases for souvenirs. Cruise ships have a wide variety of shops with fun souvenirs and luxury items. You may even want to delay your holiday shopping. Leave about half of your suitcase empty if you plan on indulging in a shopping spree.

7. Get some small decorations for your cabin. While the ship will be totally decked out in Christmas décor, your cabin may not have quite as many decorations. Bring a tiny tree, some twinkly Christmas lights, and a wreath to liven up your room

8. Take advantage of holiday-themed meals. Cruise lines will provide a wide variety of food and drinks suited for the season. Expect to enjoy some spiced eggnog and gingerbread houses, along with turkey, ham, and all the trimmings. And, of course, lots of Christmas cookies

9. Enjoy special performances and tree lightings. Your cruise line will offer holiday-themed entertainment several times during the journey. If you’re on a large ship, you can even attend Broadway-quality Christmas shows. Be sure to also go to any tree lighting ceremonies to get into the Christmas spirit

10. Participate in local festivities when you’re docked. Depending on where your ship docks, you may be lucky enough to enjoy holiday carnivals and celebrations. Other spots may have limited openings during December, so be prepared for either situation. Regardless, get off the ship, stretch your legs, and enjoy your beautiful destination!

*Cover Image by Pixabay

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