Can You Wear a T-Shirt With a Blazer?

If you love business-casual or simply classic outfits you will love wearing your blazer with a simple T-shirt on top. You can pair almost anything with your favourite blazers such as simple denim jeans, or chino pants! If you want to wear the best casual blazers, enjoy my guide!

Can You Wear A T-Shirt With A Blazer?
Can You Wear A T-Shirt With A Blazer?

1. Pick a navy, gray, or white T-shirt to keep it simple. When it comes to picking out a shirt to wear with your blazer, the simpler the better. Stick with a solid-colored neutral shirt, and avoid graphic T-shirts or bright, bold colors. Pair a navy shirt with a black or cream blazer, a gray shirt with a dark gray or navy blazer, and a white shirt with a plaid, gray, or tan blazer.

2. Choose a crew neck T-shirt to stay modern. Wearing a V-neck underneath a blazer was popular in the 80s, but it doesn’t look as modern nowadays. Keep your shirt sweet and simple by picking out a crew neck or scoop neck. If you really want to wear a V-neck, pick one that isn’t super deep.

3. Wear a slim-fit shirt for a sleek, well-fitting outfit. It’s important that your T-shirt fits you really well so you don’t look too bulky up top. Pick a shirt that fits snugly around your arms and is tapered at the midsection. Your shirt can be any length since you’ll be tucking it into your pants.

4. Tuck your T-shirt into the waistband of your pants for a tidy look. Keeping your shirt untucked can make you look a little too casual, and it doesn’t pair well with the formality of a blazer. Once you’ve picked out your shirt and pants, tuck the shirt into your waistband and smooth out any wrinkles.

5. Stick with a form-fitting, unstructured blazer for a casual look. Blazers that aren’t structured don’t have as much stiffness or definition in the shoulders or waist. The sleeves should hit slightly above your wrists, and the bottom of the blazer should fall below your hips.

6. Add a pocket square to your blazer for a pop of colour. If your outfit is too neutral and you’re dying to spice it up a bit, pick a patterned or brightly coloured pocket square and fold it up. This will draw attention to your blazer (in a good way!) without overwhelming your outfit. Yellow pocket squares look great with grey or navy blazers, while red and orange ones pair well with brown or tan blazers.

7. Wear jeans or chinos to match the style of your blazer. You can pick out slim-fitting jeans or straight leg chinos. Jeans are much more casual, while chinos could still be worn to an office function.

8. Throw on some sneakers to stick with a casual vibe. White sneakers pair well with almost any colour, while black ones keep your outfit more muted. You can wear sneakers with your outfit if you’re going to the beach or out to a party with your friends. Avoid wearing running shoes, and instead stick with skater or more casual sneakers instead. For a more street wear look, wear some tall socks with your sneakers and roll your pants up above your ankles.

9. Put on a pair of loafers to dress your outfit up. If you’re going for a more business casual look, slip on a pair of loafers to make your outfit into a faux suit. Although this won’t be enough to wear to a red carpet event, you could take this look to the office on a casual Friday. Black loafers complement darker colours, like navy and black, while brown ones go well with lighter colours, like cream and brown.

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